Leonardo Terzulli (Putignano (BA), Italy)

Born in January of 1992 a Putignano (BA), Italy, Leonardo Terzulli has been fascinated by two worlds since his childhood: science and dance. In the early years of his youth, he began to practice various sports, but what most passionate him and for sure, will accompany him in the years to follow, it is the Taekwondo – Korean martial ar , which bases its body and technique hinges on the elasticity of the legs. Like this he keeps his dedication, with great prizes in various Italian competitions, until the age of 15, when in 2007, decided to overlook the Caribbean world .

It was love at first sight: as he follows his studies especially in Cuban Salsa , Rumba and Afro, studying with Maestro Alberto Valdes and Maestro Alberto Calderon, who gave him the opportunity to sharpen his knowledge directly in Cuba. At the same time, in recent years, he joined a theater project  and was chosen as the lead actor from one company to local youth for 4 comedies.

The 2010’s became the years that has opened many channels: after becoming national champion in Salsa, Leonardo discovers a new passion and began studying with favor Hip Hop, House and especially New Style. In the same year he founded an all-made group called, “La Nueva Generación”, initially formed by two dancers , then, right after, in three components: managing to be locally successful right from the start and quietly, he began to appear on the international salsa scene, distinguished by their stubbornness, versatility and energy.

Leonardo finished high school in 2011 with honors, entering after in the Faculty of Medicine, University “Aldo Moro”, Bari , which he currently continues to attend. The following year, 2012, is the one that marks a turning point: the meeting in London with Marco Ferrigno. A few months later, he became a dancer and part of the company Ansima Production Ballet, with whom he has an opportunity to give their best and continue their studies on most of the disciplines of the Caribbean and the world of dance.