Riccardo Ambrosi de Magistris (Rome, Italy)

Born in Rome, Italy in 1987, Riccardo Ambrosi de Magistris graduated in the Faculty of Computer Science.

Computer and video games have always been part in his life, even to the point of being able to do a job for a few years, representing Italy in many national and international competitions for several years. As a child he studied music, learned to play the guitar, but only at 18 he started dancing caribbean, passion that had become in first priority.

After a few years he continued his studies of dance with modern jazz until he met a famous artist and a great artistic inspiration for him: Marco Ferrigno. At first, he was part of the choreographer’s semiprofessional dance group, today he has the pleasure and the honor of dance in the front line next to him and his company Ansima Production Ballet.