Tamba Hissirou (Paris, France)

Born and bred in Paris from Senegalese parents, Tamba moved to the UK where he fell in love with Salsa in 2005! He has always loved freestyle dancing and Salsa presented him with a challenge as it required a lot more discipline!

One foot in Cuba, the other in New york, Tamba has always been passionate about both styles of Salsa. A passion which pushed him to learn from the best and master many aspects of those styles: Casino, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Pachanga, Mambo and Chachacha.

Along the way, Tamba started performing with some local groups until the Mambo Dancers Gary Thomas and Jayne Emily Turpin approached him to join their professional group Mamboleo Dance Company. (Mamboleo Dance Company is a popular performance group in the UK known for its unique choreographies with their blend of New York and Cuban style). He’s been dancing with them ever since.

Friendly and approachable, Tamba pays close attention to detail and technique. He adapts his style of teaching to the needs of his students so they make good and visible progress!