Veronica Calini (Brescia, Italy)

Veronica Calini was born in Brescia, Italy in 1982. She began her career as a professional gymnast in one of the best major teams in Italy. At the age of 15 she first performed in an aerobics team and finally approached dance world beginning her studies of hip-hop, modern- jazz, contemporary and ballet.

In 2002 she began her studies of salsa and boogaloo. She bases her personal style on contamination and fusion between different disciplines, mixing technique, acrobatics and expression. In 2009 she opend Brixia dance school with her 2 working partners and she’s dancer and choreographer of her own company (Latn Brixia). Since 2012 she works as gymnastics choreographer of several international gymnasts, such as Vanessa Ferrari, collaborating with Bixia Gym Palalgeco.

She’s recently taken part to Ansima Production Ballet, an eclectic company which gives her the opportunity to express herself taking advantage of her versatility.